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The Alamo: A Cradle of Lies, Slavery, and White Supremacy - 2nd Edition (Salas) - eBook


The Alamo: A Cradle of Lies, Slavery, and White Supremacy - 2nd Edition (Salas) - eBook


Product Description

Author: Mario M. Salas

2nd Edition ISBN: 979-8-9907131-4-7

     This book reveals the hidden history, the untold story of the Alamo, and its relationship to myth, lies, slavery, and white supremacy. The author presents academic knowledge and simple language to present a greater understanding of the facts about the Alamo that have been erased.

      Professor Mario Marcel Salas is a retired Assistant Professor of Political Science, having taught Texas Politics, Federal Politics, Political History, the Politics of Mexico, African American Studies, Civil Rights, and International Conflicts. He has served as a City Councilman for the City of San Antonio, and was very active in the Civil Rights Movement in SNCC for many years. He is also a life time member of the San Antonio NAACP. He has authored several editorials, op-eds, and writings.


     Professor Salas helped to develop the first economic relationship with an African country for the City of San Antonio with Mafeking, South Africa. He championed the establishment of a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Texas state holiday and served as Vice-President for the Judson Independent School Board of Trustees. He is the President of San Antonio Community Radio (KROV) and is active in San Antonio Politics. He served as a 300-Year Tricentennial Commissioner for the City of San Antonio and is a member of the Bexar County Historical Commission and is considered an expert in African American History.


     Professor Salas also helped to co-author the Amicus Brief that went before the U. S. Supreme Court in the case of Grutter vs. Bollinger as a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement. He has done extensive research on African Americans in San Antonio, Texas, Afro-Mexicans, and the Black Seminoles. Mr. Salas has archived material maintained by the Special Collections Department of the University of Texas. He helped to develop and present the essential elements for African American Studies courses for high school students across Texas which was passed by the State Board of Education. He has received many awards including the San Antonio Peace Laureate Award and an Honorary Doctorate of Humanity from the Baptist Association-Guadalupe College. He is married to Edwina Lacy Salas and has two children, Angela and Elena and 4 grandchildren.


His email is:

Historical Archives: Texas Portal to History, University of North Texas at and UTSA at:




 The Alamo: A Cradle of Lies, Slavery, and White Supremacy is a timely book for the current national conversation/debate about the value of our democracy.  The “glorious defense” of the Alamo has been taught in American history as an example of patriotic courage when in fact the battle of the Alamo was fought to defend and extend the U.S. system of human slavery to the remainder of the North American continent.  Armed men willing to commit atrocities can always be found by ruling classes struggling to keep Black and brown down while mining gold from their unceasing labor. Politics in 19th century Texas were similar to today’s politics. Mexico’s revolutionary government outlawed chattel slavery and protected human rights.  The Mexican general Santana was correct to consider most of the defenders of the Alamo fort, which was on Mexican soil, to be murders and thieves. Thanks for this insightful and timely book.

-Bob Zellner


“There will never be a book written about the Alamo from the perspective of one of San Antonio’s foremost city councilmen, civil rights leaders, historians, and political science professors all-in-one but this book gives the reader all of these perspectives.  Most San Antonians agree we need a reset on the Alamo history but the history that is propped up is done so in the name of tourism, the almighty dollar, and whitewashing a shameful fight against freedom for black slaves.  The Alamo is a church and it can be the epicenter of healing for white supremacy and slavery for the entire United States and books like The Alamo: A Cradle of Lies, Slavery, and White Supremacy help us move in that direction.”


—Tommy Calvert, Jr. Bexar County (San Antonio, TX) Commissioner representing the Alamo and former Chief of External Operations for the American-Anti-Slavery Group in Boston, MA.


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