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General Chemistry 2 (Van Caemelbecke ) - Online Textbook


General Chemistry 2 (Van Caemelbecke ) - Online Textbook


Product Description

Author: Eric Van Caemelbecke

ISBN: 978-1-7374352-0-4

Author Bio:

Dr. Eric Van Caemelbecke is currently a Full professor at Houston Baptist University. Classes that Dr. Van Caemelbecke has taught many times since he joined Houston Baptist University in 1997 includes Introductory Chemistry, General Chemistry 2, Quantitative Analysis, Physical Chemistry and senior research seminars. In addition, a large number of Welch scholar students from Houston Baptist University have conducted research projects under his leadership. Several of these projects have been presented as Poster at the Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society. Furthermore, Dr. Van Caemelbecke has been a research associate at the University of Houston since 1993 who has coauthored 90 plus publications, many of which have been published in journals of the American Chemical Society.

Booklet Description:

This mini book summarizes the most important chemical concepts needed for a student taking a general chemistry 2 class at any university. As such, this work should also be of a great help for students who are preparing the AP chemistry test or the MCAT. The first page of the mini book includes a table of contents that provides each student with the list of all chapters discussed in the work. Each chapter is built the same way. The most important words and their meaning is the first part of each chapter while the second part consists of the most important rules and formula related to the topics presented in the chapter. Some chapters of this mini book also include Charts that show the students how the concepts in the chapter are connected to each other. This presentation of the mini book should make it easy to read while at the same time should provide easy access to all information that students will need for their class.


Student Testimonial's:


1) At the beginning of my General Chemistry II class, I had many difficulties with the course work. There were so many different concepts and equations that we had to learn in a short amount of time, and I quickly became overwhelmed. Dr. Caemelbecke recommended that we all use his booklet to study for the class, but I initially shrugged it off. Expectedly, I did very poorly on the first exam of the class. I knew I had to change my study habits, so that’s when I decided to incorporate the booklet into my study routine. I was surprised to see how organized it was, and how clearly it illustrated diagrams that made complex concepts seem easier. The fact that it neatly displayed all of the equations, and more importantly, the meaning and how to use each equation was extremely helpful. Without the booklet, it would have taken me forever to understand the molecular shape and molecular geometry of different molecules! Studying the booklet in addition to practicing problems did wonders for me, and I did very well for the remainder of the class! Knowing how useful this booklet was, I kept it with me in case I would need to recall General Chemistry concepts in the future. While I was studying for the MCAT, it was a very valuable resource as it helped me easily remember important Gen Chem II topics and equations. As a former student, I can not recommend using this booklet enough. It will make life way easier for you as a student because it is essentially a perfect mini study guide for the course. If you are struggling in the course like I was, I am confident that using this booklet to study will demystify General Chemistry II!


2) My name is Raymond Geha, and I am a recent graduate at Houston Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a minor in Biology. I was a student that attended many different classes that were taught by Dr. Van Caemelbecke, as my first class was back in Spring 2018 in General Chemistry II. He introduced us to his booklet filled with review material that he would teach in the course to refer to and have in our back pocket. I still possess this booklet after four years and plan always to keep it. I found it to be one of the most valuable materials to own throughout my chemistry studies and used it to help retrieve a memory I learned back in Spring 2018. I applied the booklet throughout the remaining years of my undergrad. I strongly encourage that this booklet is offered to any student involved in Chemistry, and it was a huge building block and aiding hand in my time in General Chemistry II and beyond.

3) Saif Abbasi - This booklet greatly helped my foundation in grasping the material that was taught in General Chemistry. After taking the time to study the material from class notes, I would resort to this booklet as a summary of everything I had learned to make sure I understood the concepts. With that said, it was a very nice resource to help prepare for exams. Each piece of information was easy to follow and laid out clearly. Its miniature size also made it very convenient to carry around and reference whenever needed. All in one, I would recommend this booklet to any student that is not only taking General Chemistry, but also aspiring to do well on the MCAT. Its structure is very simple and lists out key concepts that effectively reinforces the material.


Book Store Testimonial:

My name is Mrs. Michel Dehmer. I am the current Director of the HBU campus bookstore. We are an independent bookstore, owned and operated by the university.

I am writing in reference to the Chemistry booklets created by Dr. Eric Van Caemelbecke. We currently sell his Introduction to Chemistry, General Chemistry I, and General Chemistry II booklets to our students. Since the production of these helpful course materials, students have continually purchased these to help with their course studies and we have seen a lot of interest once they are made available. Dr. Van Caemelbecke would come to me with his proposed number to create (not the full enrollment amount) before the start of class. Once students are shown these booklets in class only suggesting that they are available for those needing additional support, they have come into our store right after the class to purchase these. They have been proven to be very helpful for students and I believe at one point, we have to do two or three additional reorders of these for students! I know there are other guides out there for students taking courses such as these, but Dr. Van Caemelbecke provides booklets that are not only affordable, but also provide details that truly fit what students need to be successful in Chemistry.


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